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Meredith's Page

All Cinderella, All the Time

Hi everyone, and welcome to my page!

I am four years old now, and learning lots of new things. There is no obstacle I can't climb, and no couch I can't jump on. I also have lots of fun playing with my brother's toys. For some reason, that makes him kind of mad, but I think it's fun.

I know all my letters and numbers now, and I love it when Mommy reads books to me. Pink is definitely my favorite color - I don't see any reason why I can't just wear pink every day. And eat on a pink plate at every meal. And use a pink crayon every time I color.

We had a busy fall this year. My preschool took a field trip to the farm and we got to pick pumpkins. We also had a Thanksgiving program. I dressed up like an Indian and sang lots of songs. I'm also learning how to be a good helper with my new baby brother. He's pretty neat.

I am getting ready for Santa. I asked for a pink camera so I can take pictures just like Mommy. I hope he brings me one. We are still cheering for the Steelers!

Here are some pictures of me. I love to pose for the camera! I hope you enjoy looking at them. If you click on the thumbnails, you can see bigger images.

Hay Ride at the Field Trip
Being a Turkey at the Thanksgiving Program
My Thomas tattoo!
Sitting on Santa's Lap - I want a new baby doll
Helping trim the tree
We love the Steelers!

Last Modified December 22, 2007