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The Bryant Family

Rick, Nancy, Patrick, Meredith, & Stephen

Welcome to our homepage! We hope you enjoy looking around.

The big news this year at the Bryant house is our new arrival, who made his appearance 2.5 weeks early on June 5, 2007. It's a boy! Click here to see some pictures of our newest family member, Stephen Richard Bryant. Everyone is very excited, especially the kids. Meredith is smitten, and wants to help with everything he does. Patrick likes to talk to him, but mostly just goes about his usual day.

We are keeping busy. The kids are growing up way too fast, and learning new things every day. You can find out more about them on their pages (links below).

Rick is still teaching web design and e-commerce in the evenings downtown in Pittsburgh. He is also active in local community theater, and has almost done with a Master's Degree at Robert Morris. We sometimes don't think he is busy enough!

Nancy is still working at W&J managing the alumni database and providing reporting needs for the development office.She is also active in an on-line mom's group and enjoys knitting.


Updated December 22, 2007